A story of new beginnings


Meet Jahnee

Hi, my name is Jahnee Milhouse, and I am the Founder of UnEarthed Awakening! I have always been obsessed with candles and in love with everything comfy. A couple of things you can always find in my home is at least 5 candles burning (not exaggerating), and soft throws on the couch waiting to be snuggled. It has always been something about the serenity you experience when you just relax, light some candles and snuggle up on your couch with a glass.... or 2 ;) of wine!


A candle can be one of the most intimate objects in your home. So one day, I decided enough was enough and I wanted to learn how to make my own. Why not ensure that the energy immitted off of the candle is energy of Love, Abundance, Protection, Success or even White Light. Here at UnEarthed Awakening you receive hand poured soy candles full of unconditional love, while you relax and unearth the bullsh*t in your day.

Sit back, Relax & Welcome Home!