Unearth the secrets your ancestors are begging you to remember

Custom Made Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles

Intentional Self-Care

UnEarth the bullsh*t thats holding you back!

every candle receives energetically charged healing crystals to help support you on your journey!

Full Moon Super Charge

Crystals are Charged every Full Moon BEFORE they are infused in the candles to ensure optimal alignment.

Palo Blessings

All Healing Crystals and Candles are cleared with Palo Santo through every step of the Process to ensure good energy for your entire experience.

Sound Baths

Before Crystals are infused into the Candles, they are bathed in a cleared in a beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl for extra charged energy for alignment.


Before your order departs on it's journey home, all Healing Crystals & Candles are meditated on and Blessed with Love, White Light & Protection on a safe journey home!

Naturally Simple

Experience the Power of Raw Herbs and Healing crystals Infused into your Daily Self-Care Routine!

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The Beautiful Aroma of UnEarthed Awakenings Peppermint & Eucalyptus Candle is so Refreshing- There is even real Peppermint Herb Infused! I Light it Every time I Come Home From Work!

Edwin, Virginia