Love & Light is the candle for you if you are looking for a bright way to unwind from your evening!  Each candle is hand poured with love and intentions of Love, White Light & Protection for their safe journey home to adorn your sacred space. 


When placing your order, please select the color vessel you would like, fragrance & healing crystal. If you would like a specific intention set on your candle please add it into the personalization box before check out!

Love & Light Collection

SKU: 0001
  • Aquamarine:  Aquamarine is known as the sea water stone, it has a very soothing energy. This beautiful stone is also ruled by the Moon and is infused with yin or feminine energy. Aquamarines flowing, peaceful energy has a strong ability to protect & help in deeping you meditative state to work through any emotional distress. If you are looking to unearth your bullsh*t and feel refreshed afterward, this is the stone for you.


    Citrine:  Citrine is known to be a light maker. It helps to dispell negative energy and bring positive light and rejuvinates the mind, body & soul. Citrine is also a strong stone for manifestation & can aid you in physically accomplishing your dreams.


    Grey Moonstone:  Grey Moonstone is a great stone to use for clearing the  fog and seeing beyond the veil. This stone can be useful for the clairvoyant, and even for those looking to work more with their third eye chakra. It is considered to be the "New Moon" stone because it carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things begin as new potential.


    Labradorite:  Labradorite is a stone of transformation. It is a useful friend through times for change, imparting strength and perserverance. Labradorite also raises your consciousness & grounds energy while also simultaneously protecting your aura.


    Strawberry Quartz:  Strawberry Quartz has many different uses! It can aid in brining balance to the psyche & subtle energy bodies. Strawberry Quartz also is great at helping you to gain hidden knowledge & is great for meditation as well.


    Lapis Lazuli:  Lapis Lazuli helps you to speak your truth & inspires confidence! It can help reforge relationships because it aids in smooth communication as well. Lapis boosts the immune system, purifies blood & lowers blood pressure.